3d printed Herman Miller mini Scissor Chair

Give clients something special this year with high-quality gifts made in Canada.

Our clients are some of the most innovative and creative people around, all of them have impeccable taste. So when it comes to the holiday time, we like to show our love and appreciation with a one of a kind gift. So what makes a gift truly memorable? We think it is a combination of totally unique ideas, premium materials, and most importantly, personalization.

Now, these so happen to be some of the major strengths of rapid fabrication technologies like laser engraving and 3D printing. Before these processes arrived on the scene, creating a custom product required getting massive quantities of items manufactured and shipped from abroad, today you can create custom branded items and get them personalized right here in your neighbourhood.

We love it because unlike previous manufacturing procedures, laser cutting is flexible when it comes to what materials can go through the same machine. As a result, we have engraved on almost any surface you can think of including wood, textiles, metal, fine leather and even wild and wonderful materials like gingerbread! This means that the options for high-quality and novel gifts are as broad as your imagination.

Get the creative spark with our top 3 corporate gift ideas!

1) Personalized and Practical Keepsakes

Laser engraved luggage tags

If you want to get everyone on your team something unique this year then personalization is the way to go! Everyone loves the feeling of receiving an item that was made just for them, and custom engraving lets you do just that. One beautiful option for travelling sales teams or high-flying clients is custom leather and wood luggage tags. For this project we used locally sourced urban wood from Toronto. This sustainability initiative from the City of Toronto uses trees that have fallen from natural causes and salvages the material for designers and artists in the area. Then, for the leather we worked with local leather workers who dyed and prepared the material for laser cutting. Finally, we laser engraved the name and logo for a finished and clean-cut look. Companies have also been creative and gotten us to print a variety of colours on the leather and wood.

2) Company Branded Swag

LGA laser engraved card holders

As November hits us, everyone is getting into the holiday season rush. Here are some beautiful gifts that don’t look last minute. We have customized everything from concrete coasters to handmade wallets, and the best part is that the engraving can be done lightning fast! Recently, we completed sleek cardholders for LGA Architectural Partners, artistic coasters for Grolsch and striking cutting boards for Eat Industries. Each product had it’s own story.

When LGA Architectural Partners approached us, they wanted to get staff excited about their new brand image. So we sourced a hand made wooden product that evoked the same design and sustainability values as the company. We then worked with their graphic designer to incorporate personalization and the new logo onto the product. The final result was modern, memorable and held a personal touch each team member.

Eat Industries laser cut cutting board

The one thing our clients love most about laser cutting is that you can personalize a gift not just in terms of the message that is engraved, but also what material the engraving is done upon, and what could be better for a local meat and produce shop than engraving on the very cutting boards they will be using every day. This recently happened when we helped a retail customer personalize a set of cutting boards as a present for the owner of Eat Industries. It was a great way to celebrate the opening of a new business and create a piece of beautiful and long-lasting marketing material.

Pop-up laser engraved coaster

The only thing better than a gift is a holiday party, so start yours off with a bang! When we started working for Grolsch Breweries they were looking for really unique event swag. The client’s goal was to create the surprise and delight that we all remember from opening childhood trinkets. Together with their event planner we worked on custom coasters from scratch incorporating a map of Toronto and precision laser cutting. For this project we focused on the signature Grolsch swing-top bottle, and produced a miniature pop out toy that would be collectable from various venues.

3) The Full Package

Herman Miller 3d printed scissor chairs

One of the most unique projects we have done is for Herman Miller, a furniture company with a focus on modern design. Herman Miller wanted to create a gift made especially for their design clients, so only an innovative and unique idea would do. For this project we produced and packaged miniature versions of their Scissor Chair, which were originally designed by the legendary designer Ward Bennett. To execute this project each individual chair was 3D printed and then packaged in a clear plastic container that had been laser cut and engraved. Measuring only 2 inches tall, these little gems were really tough to give away!

The options for making awesome corporate gifts with rapid fabrication are literally endless. Beat the holiday rush and tell us how you’d like to make an impression this year.

Swaine Street Woodworking-Hot Pop Factory Laser Cut 01

We are going crazy over these gorgeous looking (and smelling) cutting boards by Swaine Street Woodworking. The lovely Jana Bookholt, Founder of the brand, meticulously crafts each piece from North American FSC-certified maple, with wood specifically chosen for colour and wood grain pattern.

We recently laser engraved a bunch for Jana in preparation for her holiday rush.

Swaine Street Woodworking-Hot Pop Factory Laser Cut 02

Check out the selection on the Swaine Street Woodworking site and get in on this perfect fall gift.

Or, if you already have your hands on your own perfect cutting board, try personalizing it with a custom laser engraving!

Elizabete Ludviks Hot Pop Factory 3D Printed Jewelry 03


Of all the wonderful people who have walked through the doors of Hot Pop Factory since we opened two years ago, Elizabete Ludviks sticks out as a designer and lady boss who embraced rapid prototyping with open arms and struck gold as a result.

Elizabete is a masterful metalsmith who incorporates traditional and modern geometries into her hand made jewelry. When we met her, she needed a way to scale up production for her intricate designs to expand into the fashion jewelry market to compliment her existing precious metals collections.

The result was two new collections that were prototyped and manufactured at Hot Pop Factory via 3D printing and laser cutting. Both adding some colour and whimsy to her lookbook while increasing efficiency and profitability so she was able to spend more time designing, and less time in production. Take a look at the two beautiful collections.

Ludviks Design Silver Cube Necklace

The Nylon Geometrix Collection
3D printed SLS Nylon, various colour dyes

Elizabete Ludviks Hot Pop Factory 3D Printed Jewelry 01

Elizabete Ludviks Hot Pop Factory 3D Printed Jewelry 04

The Northern Lights Collection
Laser cut and engraved acrylic, mirror finish, various colours

Elizabete Ludviks Hot Pop Factory Laser Cut Jewelry 02

Elizabete Ludviks Hot Pop Factory Laser Cut Jewelry 03

Just look at how polished, detailed and precise laser cut parts can be, right out of the machine too. That means, minimal manual finishing and a consistent product from prototype to market.

Elizabete Ludviks Hot Pop Factory Laser Cut Jewelry 01

If you have a hand-crafted business and are not sure how to scale without risking quality or your margins, consider incorporating laser cutting or 3D printing into the production of a component, an entirely new design, or even the packaging and branding.

We’d love to see what you’re working on – drop by and tell us about your ideas.

Images via: Ludviks Design

Branch Lamp designed by LGA Architectural Partners

We blogged about Toronto’s urban forests in a previous post about working with the city’s Urban Utilization initiative. One of the projects that we sourced the reclaimed wood for is “Branch Lamp”, a DIY lamp kit, designed by our friends at LGA Architectural Partners, and laser cut at Hot Pop Factory.

Toronto Lumber Yard Reclaimed Wood

Laser Cut Wood Sheet and Lamp Shade Panels

In the words of the designers:

“Each of the lamp’s unique fins are created by digitally carving away at a tree branch before they are perforated with offset, staggered openings. The light passing through these openings evoke the delicate, filtering effect of the tree’s canopy and foliage.”

laser cutting maple wood lamp panel

Laser Cut Wood Lamp Closeup

Wood is a versatile and economical material to work with, when laser cut, it can be transformed into signage, decor, stationary, jewelry and very unique gifts. Find out more about the materials we stock and how to laser cut it on our laser services page. Need more inspiration for wooden projects? Check out the Hot Pop Factory Instagram feed!

Banner image via: LGA Architectural Partners

laser cut acrylic close up

It hasn’t been very long since our design school student days . That inspirational week after the assignment drops and the final week of all-nighters before the deadline feels just like yesterday. We know what it’s like to prepare for your final review and we are here to help you with your presentation model. Buy your materials at the shop and get it cut lightning fast.

In partnership with our neighbours across Grange Park, OCAD University, Hot Pop is offering a student and alumni promotion for 10% your next laser cut or 3D printing project. Check out the details on the Alumini Perks and Student Offers page.

Kings of India Wooden Coasters

Our friends at Humble Raja immortalized India’s great kings in a deck of playing cards so kick ass, you’ll want to frame them as art! Just because their Kickstarter campaign just ended raising 175% of their goal with $36,800, they are still taking pre-orders on their website.

As a part of their campaign, we had the pleasure of helping the founders produce a set of 4 coasters that corresponded to each of the dynasties featured in their deck. Intricate patterns in Indian motifs are a piece of cake for laser cutting. In fact, this kind of detail would in impossible for achieve with any other process.

Want to see more fancily cut projects? Check out the Hot Pop Instagram feed!

Hot Pop Factory Maker Festival Pecha Kucha

Summer is in full swing and it’s a great time to get inspired and start that project you’ve been putting off all year. What better way to reinvigorate your creativity than attending Maker Festival!

The free event kicks off on July 25th with a week long series of satellite events across the city. On July 28th, our co-founder Biying Miao will be speaking about “what it takes to make” at the 33rd volume of Pecha Kucha Toronto, the Maker Fest Edition. It’s always a great time, get your advance tickets before they’re gone!

The week of maker events culminates with the main extravaganza on August 1st at the Toronto Reference Library. We will be exhibiting large and small scale laser cut and engraved projects made at Hot Pop Factory as well as a 3D puzzle making station. Works will include both our designs and client showcases.

We will also be conducting a contest to win 3 “Make Your Idea” prizes to use $50 of Hot Pop 3D printing and laser services. The free event is anticipating 10,000 attendees, come by and say hi!

Laser Cut Art Color Printed Close Up

All of our work comes from an obsession with the mixing of digital tools and physical products. We’re excited by how personalized data gets updated by the second, and how creativity can be explored within virtual reality and materialized through 3D printing. In comparison however, we find the form our physical world still trailing decades behind the digital, remaining relatively static and unchanged.

This is why our latest experiment Blush Wale was invented – to explore new ways of generating physical forms that evoke the insane dynamism of our digital lives. And so begins the making-of story that  embraces both digital to analog. The piece is the first of a series of experiments that involve digitally designed objects that is then assembled by hand, aimed to create a meaningful connection between the user and the physical product.

Laser Cut Sculpture Art Full

“the making-of story behind the creation of an otherworldly sculpture that behaves like a futuristic multi-dimensional chameleon”

Laser Cut Sculpture Art in Water

Photo by: Gabriel Li

How we achieved the distinctive look in 48 hours:

1. Custom-built software that generated the amorphous 3D form and precisely divided the volume into equally spaced 2D sections. 76 unique profiles were computationally generated and cut from ordinary sheets of plywood at the Hot Pop Factory laser cutting Toronto shop in 5 hours.

Laser Cut Sculpture Art Wireframe Rendering

Laser Cut Sculpture Art Drawings

“76 unique profiles were computationally generated and cut from ordinary sheets of plywood at the Hot Pop Factory laser cutting Toronto shop in 5 hours”


Laser Cutter Cutting Wood

2. 52 unique shades of color extrapolated from 2 eye-popping gradients were precisely mapped onto the surfaces of each section, and then transferred onto 42 sheets raw plywood via UV-cured digital printing.

Laser Cut Plywood Kit of Parts

3. The rainbow-spliced waffle structure was constructed in 3 hours by slotting all the pieces together as a kit of parts. When displayed, the vibrant bi-directional surfaces slowly shifts its hue in a precise gradient as the viewer walks around it – from crimson red to sky blue, citrus yellow to ivy green.

Laser Cut Sculpture Art Color Printed Close Up Green

Laser Cut Sculpture Art Color Printed Close Up Blue

“simultaneously real and virtual, solid and void, static and changeable”


Laser Cut Sculpture Art on Dock 01
Photo by: Gabriel Li

We were really happy with the results, the final piece inhabited both the 2D and 3D world as this multi-dimensional object from the future, possessing qualities that made it appear simultaneously real and virtual, solid and void, static and changeable. Our next step is to design functional housewares and furniture using the same process.

Laser Cut Sculpture Art on Table

Blush Wale was exhibited at MADE Design, Makerfaire Toronto, and on June 11, it will be making an appearance at 3DXL – a large-scale 3D printing experience.

– Biying



Leather and wood are two of our favorite materials to work with. There’s something both luxurious and comforting about them which makes them an amazing medium to experiment with.  One of our amazing clients, Mark Simmons, uses these materials in his collection of artisanal goods called Lumbürr & Co. He combined laser cutting and engraving to create branded labels, straps, handles and smaller trinkets in this product line. 




Images Credit: © Mark Simmons

Got an idea? Tell us about it!

VAWK Laser Cut Leather Belt


We love working with fashion designers and laser cut textiles. The results are always stunning and begging the question, how  was that made?! Well, with the power of laser cutting, intricate patterns that can not be cut by hand becomes a piece of cake! Sharp corners, delicate curves and fine details are no more difficult to achieve on a laser than cutting boring old squares. This gorgeous belt by VAWK was designed by Sunny Fung for the Shangri-la Hotel in Toronto.

VAWK Laser Cut Belt




Got an idea? Tell us about it!