patricia wong jewelry japanese paper japan ring necklace toronto process

Born in Hong Kong and raised between HK, NYC and Toronto, Patricia Wong is pushing her jewelry design practice to entwine the opportunities that new tools such as laser cutting provide with the traditional handcrafting techniques taught at schools. We met her one morning at Hop Pop as she was preparing material for a captivating alternative to gemstones in her new collection, The Rose Tint.

patricia wong jewelry japanese paper japan ring necklace toronto process

Patricia told us that her collection began with a fascination of the “total creation of space and manipulation of emotions” in Japanese architecture and its transformation of paper into doors and screens. Inspired by this metamorphosis and reading the current fashion trends, she decided to use this richly textured Japanese paper as the centerpiece for her collection. Her paper-gemstones elegantly display the paper’s intricacies by laminating it between layers of clear acrylic that provide both protection for the paper and visual depth for the jewelry.

patricia wong jewelry japanese paper japan ring necklace toronto process patricia wong

To finish designing the collection Patricia created a small stack of colourful paper-gemstones and paired them with different types of precious metals to make the final pieces. The final jewelry piece brings together a laser cut paper-gemstone that is surrounded by traditional hand work techniques.

patricia wong jewelry japanese paper japan ring necklace toronto process

Patricia uses her creative energy in jewelry design because each piece becomes unique through its intimate closeness with the wearer. Her jewelry begins as a manifestation of her thoughts and feelings, but the more the piece is worn the more these connotations are replaced by the wearer’s. Eventually the piece loses her intentions and carries only the wearer’s memories, thus ensuring that each piece of her design work develops its own unique meaning.

jewelry japanese paper japan ring necklace toronto process patricia wong

Inspired to transform something ordinary into something extraordinary? Here is a full list of materials we stock and examples of how you can use them in your project!

All images courtesy of Patricia Wong and Chaileen Kim.

laser engraved engraving etch love cupcake lasered icing sweet topper cup cake heart

What’s the best part of giving your friend a gift – Thinking of the perfect thing that will become sentimental? The smile on your loved one’s face when he unwraps it? Whatever it is, a good gift is something personal and special to the relationship between you that provides a warm, fuzzy feeling. We’ve put together a few examples where laser engraving can help add that personal touch.

First are the cupcake toppers you see above from our friends at Confetti and Bows. We know you baked the cupcakes so that you could both share in the sweetness!

laser engraved engraving wood cutting board
How about a sign of appreciation for the whole family? Get the family name or the family crest engraved on a a charcuterie board by Urban Tree Salvage, who saves trees felled around Toronto from becoming mulch.

leather iphone phone case sleeve laser engrave engraved
You know that friend you have that you think is really good at what she does? Remind her how you feel whenever she picks up her phone. Up the Toronto cred by getting her leather phone case made locally at Fitzy!

laser engraved engraving hip flask metal permanent
Personalize a metal flask to commemorate another great year together. (If you prefer, we can also engrave wood and leather flasks.)

laser engraved glass mason jars wedding gift drink cutting
Mason jars stay in daily use for a long time, so why not engrave a few to celebrate a special memory you shared with your friends?

The best part is, you don’t need to submit graphics to make your thoughtful gift reality! Let us know what you want to engrave and what you want to say, and we will take care of the rest for you – go ahead, start the conversation today.

laser cut engraved gift tag monogram christmas ornament

In between creating beautiful websites and brands, the team at Lesli Ink created the 2016 Cast of Characters, a project made to give back to their clients. Lesli Ink partnered with us at Hot Pop Factory so we could bridge between the digital and the physical and bring their illustrations into reality as a high-quality physical product.

In their own words, Lesli Ink is about more than graphic design; they inspire happiness and beauty through design. “To us, happiness and beauty are two powerful words that have lost their true meaning over time. Happiness may seem light-hearted, but genuine contentment is not so easy to find. As a team, we believe happiness is achieved through progress, creativity & love. Our culture at Lesli Ink focuses on the first two because we think together they contribute to the third. When combined, we increase our overall joy in life and help others discover the joy in their own. After all, isn’t that the point!”

laser cut engraved monogrammed tag initial fancy letter

To walk the joy-bringing walk, Lesli Ink sends every client his or her initial in the mail every year, with a little card attached that point them towards an online portal where they can win home made cookies for guessing riddles.

The team decided early on to use laser engraving to produce these cards because they liked the look of engraved wood. Using wood also makes a keepsake that will last for many seasons, as opposed to paper cards that are usually thrown out after just one season. The team designed the letters based on gilded letters, but kept them clean by using one line weight and no solid sections. This also expedited the production process – they had 800 cards to make, after all.

Lesli Ink reports that the 2016 Cast of Characters project was an overwhelming success. Soon after the gifts were sent out, clients sent Lesli Ink photos of their initials adorning Christmas trees and fireplaces. If you want to start your own project, give us a shout.

laser cut engraved gift tag monogram

TODO festival toronto design

We are very excited to welcome the Toronto Design Offsite Festival back this year! It runs Monday to Sunday, from January 16th to the 22nd. During that time, there are over 100 events and exhibitions that celebrate design scattered throughout Toronto.

As a TO DO Benefit Partner this year, we are proud to offer 15% off on laser cutting and 3D printing orders under $500 if you are a member of the festival. Get your project started today!

Want to see more? Check out TODO Projects past and present by our talented friends:
Studio Lulo
Biying Miao and Ozana Gherman
Jacob Antoni
Cool Earth
Levitt Goodman Architects

New Year, New Projects

January 9, 2017
laser cut stencil flower art watercolor

Greetings and well wishes for your 2017 from Hot Pop! The holiday break came and left, but if you’re anything like us time off isn’t a break from work – it’s time to work on your own projects! We have some very exciting projects in the works… which we can’t share with you juuust yet. You can share your project with us though! We’d love to turn that idea you cultivated in your brain into an item in your hand. Get the ball rolling on your project right now – drop us a line!

Psst – make sure to mention if you’re a part of TODO, we have a special deal for you.

laser cut engraved acrylic business card modern clean urban

2016 Holiday Hours

December 12, 2016
laser engraved holiday hours sign

Our last day of regular business hours is Friday, December 23rd. We will be out for the holidays from December 24th to January 2nd. Our regular hours will resume on Wednesday, January 3rd. In the meantime, we’ve expanded our production schedule to go full-tilt so we can meet your deadlines. There is still room in the schedule, but time is ticking, so quick as you can submit your project.

If we don’t see you again before new calendars are hanging on the walls, we wish you and yours some rest, laughs and generally happy holidays.

hot pop factory loveonsunday wooden laser cut gift tags

A great gift is something that holds the intangible and personal stories inside its physicality. This one is simply about about family. Amy from Love on Sunday collaborated with us to create elegant tokens that commemorated each of her loved ones through the extended experience of gift giving, and gathering around a Christmas tree.

We can just imagine the magical experience for each member of Amy’s family, from getting that first peak of their name on an immaculately wrapped gift, to the anticipation, then surprise of the unveiling, and finally gathering up the packaging remains to craft a personalized wooden ornament to adorn the tree together.

hot pop factory loveonsunday wooden laser cut gift tag ornament

hot pop factory loveonsunday wooden laser cut gift tag ornament

loveonsunday wood lasercutting hot pop Factory

You can read Amy’s story on her blog, and see more pics of her incredible interior design and styling work on Instagram.

For another clever and easy gifting idea, see how Marcel’s hand drawn bow tie is made!

If you have an idea of your own, get in touch to start your own laser cutting project!

All images courtesy of: Love on Sunday

laser cut bowtie on marcel

The weather may be cold, but advent calendars are now open and the countdown to Christmas is on! If you’re anything like us, you love making Christmas presents for loved ones. You may already have a sketchbook full of present ideas, but you’re not sure when you will get around to making them all. Why not let robots do the grunt work? You can get started laser cutting faster than you think.

hand sktech and laser cut bowtie

Our friend Marcel made this bowtie directly from a drawing in his sketchbook. After doodling the bowtie on paper with a thick black marker (keeping in mind any area we don’t mark will be cut away) he scanned the design into Adobe Illustrator. Then, using the “Live Trace” feature, he converted his drawing into lines our laser cutter can follow, and voila! Robots did the rest of the work for us.

Check out the materials you have to work with here, and then go ahead – draw your Christmas presents this year!

Laser Cut Felt


Hello fellow makers! With holiday market season coming up, we put together some inspiration, and useful tips to help you prepare for a knockout booth display and efficient production to maximize sales. Just keep scrolling.

And for those of you who are exhibitors at the One of a Kind Christmas 2016 Show, you can redeem your 10% discount at the bottom of the page!

Inspiration: 5 Ideas for Signage and Booth Displays

Great signage ideas ranging from $90 – $200

Birch Wood Laser Cut Signage for Jennifer See Studios
Wooden Letter Sign Designed by : Jennifer See Studios

Laser Cut Birch Wood Cut Out Letters
Plywood Cut out Signage Designed by : Peace and Cotton

acrylic laser cut sign for Krane
Two-colour Acrylic Sign Designed by : Krane Design

mirror acrylic laser cut sign
Mirror Acrylic Sign Designed by : Selena Wong

Live Edge Wood Sign
Live Edge Wood Engraved Sign Designed by : Maggie Coblentz

Have a signage idea for laser cutting? Get in touch for a quote.


Tip: Speed up Production with Laser Cutting and Engraving

Curious about what else we can do for artists like you? Here’s more inspo… If your work involves cutting and engraving fabric, leather, wood, acrylic, and paper, laser cutting and engraving can save you tons of time and stress, check out these examples! You may also want to check out our full guide to the materials we can cut and engrave.

laser engraved cutting boards
Custom Engraved Wooden Cutting Boards by : Swaine Street Woodworking

Laser engraved leather tags
Leather and Felt Tags by : Lumbürr Co

Laser Cut Acrylic Heart
Laser Cut Neon Pink Acrylic Hearts by: Metropol Cards

laser cut veneer paper
Laser Cut Veneer Paper Invites by: Hot Pop Factory

Related Projects: Retail Signage for Village Juicery, Reinventing Classic Board Games with Laser Cutting, UNCUFFED Laser Cut Leather Fashion.

Our Beautiful City of Craft

November 1, 2016

November is when we are pumped for the holidays. It’s…. production time at the shop and we are running 2 shifts this year to make all the things!

We will be working with many talented makers across the city to help them with Christmas rush production again this year and we can’t wait to see the wonderfully unique goods, market displays and gifts that come out of it. Topping our list of local markets this year is City of Craft! We couldn’t be happier to be sponsors again.


For you makers out there, we know all about the challenges of Christmas production, designing a sweet table, and marking hand made goods as independent makers. We’ve been there ourselves! That’s why we’d like to offer all registered CoC vendors our laser cutting and laser engraving services at a discounted rate of 15% off! Get in touch to start a project!

In the meantime, here’s some inspiration to help get those creative juices flowing:
•     The Ultimate Guide to Laser Engraving Materials
•     Retail Display by Daneson and Re:Creative
•     Wooden Signage for Village Juicery
•     Fun Flat Pack Display for Twitter Canada

We just can’t wait. See you all at the event, details below!


Images courtesy of City of Craft, Doublenaut, and Becca Gilgan