Branded Marketing

Conference and event season is in full swing and the the end of year is approaching—which means most companies are making decisions about the booths and kiosks, custom gifts and the crucial engage...

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Cool Summer Projects

August 13, 2017
Deck Agency Lot 40 Engraved Coaster

Opening Instagram is always a pleasure for us, as we are always wowed by what our customers and collaborators are up to. This summer the eye candy has been particularly rich though – we've noticed ...

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While it’s hard to choose favourites, Ben Johnston has been one of the collaborators we’ve most enjoyed working with over the years – he always comes to us with interesting projects and design ...

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Hot Pop Factory Maker Festival Laser Cutting and 3D Printing Booth

We love Maker Festival because it’s a place where robots, craft, science, and digital fabrication come together. Like no other event in Toronto it unites the young and old, and novices and experts,...

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The Stop Community Food Centre’s Night Market is always a spring highlight. Beyond bringing the culinary and design communities together to indulge themselves in tasty treats from many of Toronto'...

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To be ready for printing, your model must be watertight and conform to the tolerances of your chosen 3D printing process. This post explains what a watertight model is, as well as the tolerances for ...

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