Sous Sous laser cut sign

Toronto’s annual One of a Kind Show is one of North America’s largest and most popular craft shows. Launched in 1975, it’s a boon for Southern Ontario maker entrepreneurs. We were proud (in kind) sponsors of the show both this and last year, but even if we weren’t partners we’d be boosting any show that helps niche designers connect with the broader public and net some decent sales – Hot Pop Factory clients and collaborators are always out in full force at it. In what has become one of our favorite annual traditions, we went to take in all the creativity and soak up all the great work.

Love at First-Blush Sabrina laser cut leather

Love Lettering tradeshow display

Emily Carriere laser cut paper art

White Feather Design 3D printed scorpion

SousSous tradeshow display

So, what did we see exactly? Well, Diana Watters Handmade was rocking her modern cross stitch kits and Christmas ornaments (see our recent profile of her); SousSous showcased delicate brooches and paper goods; Crywolf Clothing shared their cute illustrated animal-laden clothing and patches; gorgeous lettering was well represented by Paper Trails Design Co.’s stationary and Love Lettering’s awesome typography displays; and several of our fave jewelry designers were there: Ludviks and White Feather Designs were sporting sleek geometric designs while Love at First Blush had more baroque offerings. Finally, we’re happy to report that our first year of collaborating with Woof Signs yielded many creative and modern signage options that stood out from the crowd.

wood acrylic laser cut signage

We always love seeing the inventive designs of Ontario makers at the One of a Kind Show and we are always so proud to see the amazing work done by our clients and collaborators. Wondering how we can can help your product and brand stand out? Get in touch with us for a quote.