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Laser cutting paper has taken the design and art world by storm in recent years by providing artists with the ability to create delicate and intricate patterns that haven't been previously possible with machine-cutting. The laser can effectively and safely burn tiny amounts of paper, card stock, and cardboard that no other manufacturing process can achieve.

What Can Be Created by Laser Cutting Paper?

By harnessing the power of laser cutting paper, designers can easily create beautiful greeting cards, premium invitations, unique business cards, stencils, custom book covers, packaging prototypes, artwork, lace and so much more.

Working with Hot Pop Factory, one can laser cut, engrave and score a wide variety of paper materials bringing your ideas to life. Whether you are working on a small custom design or a corporate branding project, each project we embark on is tailored to fit your particular needs. We can accommodate tight deadlines and source the highest quality material that matches your exact specifications resulting in a finished product with high levels of detail. We also offer wood, acrylic, and leather laser cutting, engraving and custom design solutions to suit projects of all sizes.

Laser Cutting Paper Explained​​​

Laser Cut Paper Packaging 1500Px

Laser Cutting Paper happens when the energy of the high-powered laser beam heats and vaporizes the material directly in its path resulting in smooth edges without making contact with the material itself. Laser Engraving Paper is possible when a lower powered beam of light is used to penetrate the surface of the paper-based material instead of the entire thickness. Engraving is often used to convey information, create patterns and branded designs for packaging, fashion, and art.

Types of paper and card we cut and engrave

  • Paper and cardstock of varying thicknesses
  • Premium or printed paper sheets
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Mylar
  • Vellum

Types of paper we do not cut and engrave

  • Foam core
  • Vinyl based thin plastics or sheeting

Benefits of Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Paper Card 1500Px

Complexity of designs - Laser cutting paper allows for the creation of incredibly complex designs that are not possible with other cutting processes.

Non-contact process - Laser cutting only affects the area that is being heated and removes the risk of abrasions or damage to the surrounding area of the material.

Environmentally friendly - Laser cutting is an environmentally friendly cutting process that vastly reduces the amount of material wastage that has been seen in the past.

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