Hot Pop Factory - Custom products and prototypes

Laser Cutting,
Laser Engraving +
3D Printing for Toronto's leading brands.

Custom products and prototypes, locally made in Toronto, on time for your most important deadlines.

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Partner with our full service product design and manufacturing agency to grow your brand. Hot Pop Studio will help with you differentiate from competition, reduce communication overhead, and reduce project costs.

Laser Engraved Glasses


Realize your creative concepts to impress clients and make impossible deadlines possible. Depending on your needs, visit Hot Pop Shop for our turnkey solutions for custom branding, or engage Hot Pop Studio as consultants on a unique project. If you are familiar with the technical requirements of our production services, you can get a quote now!

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Test new ideas and execute production affordably and locally while working with like-minded staff who are designers themselves.

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Produce short run parts or conduct the manufacturing of one off product components. We are fast and accurate. See our services below and send your specs for a quote today.

Laser Cut Coasters


For personal projects or small ventures, we offer custom fabrication services for a huge variety of applications. Just send us your 2D or 3D design files, as well as specifications for your project to get a quote.

Choose the process that's right for you...