Hot Pop Factory - Custom products and prototypes

Laser Cutting, 
Laser Engraving + 
3D Printing for Toronto's leading innovators.

Custom products and prototypes, locally made in Toronto, on time for your most important deadlines.

Laser Cut Coasters


Test new ideas and execute production affordably and locally while working with like-minded staff who are designers themselves.

Laser Cut Electronics Enclosures


Conduct experiments and short run manufacturing of product components and enclosures. We are fast and accurate.

Laser Engraved Logo


Collaborate with leading design minds and fabricators, rely on us to tell your story and differentiate your brand.

Laser Cut Art


Explore new ideas with iterative tests and samples, expand your current techniques into new mediums and grow artistically.

Laser Engraved Glasses


Execute differentiating concepts that impress clients and make impossible deadlines possible.

Choose the process that's right for you...