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Laser Cutting Templates

Below are laser cutting templates for some common software packages. These templates indicate the maximum cut size of our machine (900mm x 600mm), as well as provide layers to separate your artwork for laser cutting, engraving and scoring.

Adobe Illustrator

The templates below provide artboards that correspond to the maximum work area of our laser cutter. If you are cutting multiple sheets, please save them as separate files. We recommend outlining all fonts, and releasing all clipping masks for laser cutting. Your artwork should be divided into the three layers provided: 'Cut', 'Engrave' and 'Score'.


Our Rhino templates include a polyline showing the maximum work area of the laser cutter. Your linework should be placed in the work area indicated, it is okay to include multiple sheets in one file. Your design should consist of 2D linework only, all linework should be assigned to the appropriate layer for cutting, scoring or engraving. Please ensure no linework or vertices is left 'floating' above the XY plane.


The AutoCAD template includes a polyline indicating the maximum work area of the laser cutter. Your parts should be placed inside of the indicated area, with linework moved into the premade layers for cutting, engraving and scoring operations. The laser cutter is unable to recognize live text, or hatches in AutoCAD, so these must be exploded and turned into polylines before sending.

Other Software Packages

The above software packages are some of the most popular, but there are many other programs that are suitable for generating designs for laser cutting. For cutting and scoring, any software capable of exporting vector linework is suitable. If you are only looking to engrave, then we can accept raster images generated in software like Photoshop, keep in mind though that raster images are not suitable for cutting or scoring operations.

For cutting and scoring. We can accept any of the following common vector formats:

  • .SVG
  • .DXF
  • .PDF
  • .EPS
  • .AI
  • .DWG
  • .3DM

For engraving we can accept any of the formats above, as well as the following raster formats:

  • .PNG (recommended)
  • .JPG

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