Hello fellow makers! With holiday market season coming up, we put together some inspiration, and useful tips to help you prepare for a knockout booth display and efficient production to maximize sales. Just keep scrolling.

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Inspiration: 5 Ideas for Signage and Booth Displays

Great signage ideas ranging from $90 – $200

Birch Wood Laser Cut Signage for Jennifer See Studios
Wooden Letter Sign Designed by : Jennifer See Studios

Laser Cut Birch Wood Cut Out Letters
Plywood Cut out Signage Designed by : Peace and Cotton

acrylic laser cut sign for Krane
Two-colour Acrylic Sign Designed by : Krane Design

mirror acrylic laser cut sign
Mirror Acrylic Sign Designed by : Selena Wong

Live Edge Wood Sign
Live Edge Wood Engraved Sign Designed by : Maggie Coblentz

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Tip: Speed up Production with Laser Cutting and Engraving

Curious about what else we can do for artists like you? Here’s more inspo… If your work involves cutting and engraving fabric, leather, wood, acrylic, and paper, laser cutting and engraving can save you tons of time and stress, check out these examples! You may also want to check out our full guide to the materials we can cut and engrave.

laser engraved cutting boards
Custom Engraved Wooden Cutting Boards by : Swaine Street Woodworking

Laser engraved leather tags
Leather and Felt Tags by : Lumbürr Co

Laser Cut Acrylic Heart
Laser Cut Neon Pink Acrylic Hearts by: Metropol Cards

laser cut veneer paper
Laser Cut Veneer Paper Invites by: Hot Pop Factory

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