3D Printed Candy Dispenser Heads

A few months ago, a client asked us to come up with a fun 3D printed Holiday gift for each of their employees. Since we have been totally obsessed with 3D scanning since the Eamesunk Chair Remix. For this project, we decided to remix the human body to create personalized candy dispenser heads!

The first and most important task was to 3D scan all the employees without giving away the surprise. Miraculously, we managed to convince everyone to let us digitize their heads for a mysterious “research” project, albeit a lot of protesting and interrogation. Nevertheless, we were determined to keep the actual plan a secret until the big reveal!

We 3D scanned and digitized everyone (with an XBOX Kinect and ReconstructMe). After the digital 3D models of our subjects were generated, we did some patchwork and cleaning up with MeshMixer.

3d printing toronto

Then, some more modelling was required to add the connection to the candy dispenser before the head was ready to 3D print.

3D Printing toronto

3D Printing Candy Dispenser Heads

Many, many hours of printing later, we had 32 heads for our candy dispensers. Ready to install!

Soon, it was time for that big reveal. We could not have imagined a better reaction! Big smiles and laughs all around.

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