Spring – the return of warm sun, sweetly scented air, and going outside willingly. Every year we get a boost from internalizing this vitality from the environment, making us happier humans. This energy also gets us motivated to chase the goals we had set for ourselves earlier in January, and it is this hopeful reminder that we wanted to spread with Wishing Bird. Here is the story behind it.

wishing bird yellow 3d print printing gift

Inspired by the sentiment: “if you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal”, we created a beautiful and cheerful creature that was 3D printed in the shade of bright hope and happiness. He was sculpted digitally as a cloud of points, until his faceted form emerged. This form was then triangulated, leaving behind a mesh form that gives many places to tie a wish onto.


As a vessel for the happiness and well-wishes you would would like to bestow on loved one, Wishing Bird will help you track the goals and intentions tied to it. This process is best summed up on the instructions that accompanied it:

IMG_5892 copy

“Within the contents of this gift, you will find a length of ribbon. See this ribbon as your ambition and a symbol of your goal for the year, tie it to your new friend and let this little bird be a reminder of what you are capable of. Once this goal is achieved, remove the ribbon and replace it with a new one.”



PST!! For a limited time you can purchase a Wishing Bird in your choice of colour using the button below. Each one is custom made to order in our Toronto shop and ships in about a week. If you any questions, give us a shout!