end of summer workshops

With only one week left of summer break make the most of it! Learn some new skills, make some new things, or start a new project. End off your summer on a high note with some of these crafty maker workshops.

Silkscreen Printing Crash Course

Silkscreen printing is a great way to make custom prints and designs for things like posters, T Shirts and so much more. In this crash course you’ll learn how to make silkscreen designs, and by the end of the day you will be taking home your own original silkscreen prints.

August 27, 11am-6pm, Harbourfront Centre, RSVP 

Woodshop Certification Training

If you’re new to woodworking tools, this 3 hour training session at the Toronto Tool Library is an excellent way to get started. You’ll learn how to safely use woodworking tools such as the table saw, thickness planer, jointer, router table, band saw, sliding compound mitre saw and belt sander. After receiving your certification you’ll be able to use the tools at the Toronto Tool Library to build your own projects.

August 27, 10am – 1pm, Toronto Tool Library, RSVP 

Build Your Own Terrarium

Bring the outside in with some decorative indoor planting. Crown Flora Studio is teaching participants how to make their very own terrarium this summer in a 2 hour workshop. Using materials available at the shop such as geometric glass containers, glass orbs, decorations and tools, you’ll build your own terrarium and then package it up to take home.

August 27, 10am – noon, Crown Flora Studio, RSVP 

Learn How to Use a 3D Printer

In this workshop you will learn how to use the 3D printers that are available at the Toronto Reference Library’s Digital Innovation Hub. The library staff will be training members on how to prepare and design files for 3D printing, how to use the 3D printers safely, and going over 3D printing best practices. After the course you’ll be able to independently use the 3D printers available at the library to build your own creations.

August 30, 2-3 pm, Toronto Reference Library, RSVP 

Shoemaking 101

In Shoemaking 101 you’ll be learning everything about the anatomy of a shoe. Participants in this workshop will find out about the many components that go into making a shoe, how to choose suitable materials and footwear design. In the workshop you will be able to try out all the tools and equipment used to make the shoes such as leather crafting tools, power tools and sewing machines.

September 6, 4-7 pm, Art and Sole Academy, RSVP 

Photo via: Crown Flora Studio