laser engraved 3d printing


Of all the wonderful people who have walked through the doors of Hot Pop Factory since we opened two years ago, Elizabete Ludviks sticks out as a designer and lady boss who embraced rapid prototyping with open arms and struck gold as a result.

Elizabete is a masterful metalsmith who incorporates traditional and modern geometries into her hand made jewelry. When we met her, she needed a way to scale up production for her intricate designs to expand into the fashion jewelry market to compliment her existing precious metals collections.

The result was two new collections that were prototyped and manufactured at Hot Pop Factory via 3D printing and laser cutting. Both adding some colour and whimsy to her lookbook while increasing efficiency and profitability so she was able to spend more time designing, and less time in production. Take a look at the two beautiful collections.

3d printed necklace

The Nylon Geometrix Collection
3D printed SLS Nylon, various colour dyes

3D Printed Jewelry

3d printing necklace

The Northern Lights Collection
Laser cut and engraved acrylic, mirror finish, various colours

laser cut jewelry

laser cut jewelry

Just look at how polished, detailed and precise laser cut parts can be, right out of the laser engraving machine too. That means, minimal manual finishing and a consistent product from prototype to market.

laser cut jewelry

If you have a hand-crafted business and are not sure how to scale without risking quality or your margins, consider incorporating laser cutting or 3D printing into the production of a component, an entirely new design, or even the packaging and branding.

We’d love to see what you’re working on – drop by and tell us about your ideas.

Images via: Ludviks Design