laser cutting toronto

It’s just around the corner! INLAND’s Canadian fashion marketplace is kicking off at 99 Sudbury this weekend in Toronto – and we are thrilled to be a part of it!

Only a few short months ago we met with Founder and Creative Director Sarah Power (aptly named!) to talk about what cool ways Hot Pop Factory could bolster INLAND’s Indiegogo campaign and support Canadian-made and -designed fashion, and boy did we come up with some fun ideas like the laser cut, wooden desk art above.

3d printing toronto

However, our favourite piece of Hot Pop-designed swag was the 3D printed bow ties. Exclusive to the Indiegogo launch, they captured the imagination of just about everyone we knew and were a hit with every fashion-conscious person we met.

3d printing toronto

These 3D printed bow ties are no longer available, but the spirit of fashion is a live and well this weekend at INLAND. Come hang out at 99 Sudbury, support local designers, and say hi!

 Check out INLAND’s great event website here.